Teuco Spa Pools

Now available from the award-winning Portrait Pools team, flagship Teuco products include the Mirror Series, designed to add a touch of elegance and serenity to any home spa setting. Available in two models and offering up to a seven person capacity, the Mirror is suitable both for indoors but also outdoors around balcony and patio areas.

Features include magnetic headrests and a multitude of specialist massage options with no less than 32 specifically powered and themed jets.

The award winning Seaside 640 Hydrospa from Teuco offers a clean, uncluttered look, promoting a sense of serenity and Zen-like calm.

Available in pearl or white, the Seaside comes either ‘built-in’ or with its very own ‘furniture surround’ in a choice of walnut, grey or mahogany-finishes.

Perimeter-level ‘moon-lighting’ and underwater ‘sun-lighting’ enhance the overall appearance and atmospheric effect while a cushioned ‘beach zone’ encourages collective rest and relaxation.

All Teuco products offer a super-silent jet system and an integral lounging area, it creates a multi-sensorial ‘oasis’ that is perfectly in harmony with the most elegant and stylish of private-spa settings.

The Teuco range also offers a uniquely natural and skin-friendly system of water treatment, based on the cleansing and purifying properties of salt.