Reflecting on our Continued Success

We believe through the greatest measure of our success is our work and the greatest endorsement is the customer referrals and recommendations we receive from our customers for fulfilling their dreams.

The mission of the British Pool & Hot Tub Awards (SPATA) is to recognise the achievements of the wet leisure industry, by showcasing the best examples of design, construction, installation and innovation. Portrait Pools has been awarded the Prestigious National Pool Contractor of the Year on a record four occasions and has won over 100 industry awards for its Residential and Commercial projects.

As the leading UK’s leading pool and spa supplier, Portrait in 2015 was entered into the third European Pool & Spa Awards hosted by the European Union of Swimming Pool and Spa Associations (EUSA) at the Piscina & Wellness exhibition in Barcelona. EUSA represents over 3,000 swimming pool and spa companies across Europe and the awards are judged by top industry professionals representing the EUSA members. The awards have five categories, with fourteen winners announced across the 13 countries. Portrait was awarded the highest accolade of the European Domestic Indoor Pool Of The Year


2017 2015 2013 2011 2008
Outstanding Pool of the Year

Bronze Pool and Spa Scene Gold National Pool Contractor of the Year

Pool Contractor of the Year

The Dick Millward Trophy for Pool Contractor of the Year

Residential Indoor Pools over £100,000

Best Website in its Class 2013

Residential Pool of the Year

Pool of the Year

Gold Award Bronze Silver Outstanding Pool of the Year

Refurbishment Pool of the Year

Special Requirements Pools

SPATA Pool of the Year

Gold, Silver & Bronze Indoor Concrete Pool


Gold Award Silver Gold Residential Indoor Pools £150,000

Residential Indoor Pools over £200,000


Commercial Pools

NATIONAL Swimming Pool Contractor of the Year

Gold & Silver Residential Indoor Pool

Gold & Silver Gold Silver Residential Indoor Pools £750,000 and up £150,000

Residential Indoor Pools £150,000 to under £200,000

Residential Outdoor Pools £80,000 and over

Non-Traditional Installations

Gold Gold
Bronze & Silver Gold Gold Environmental Award

Outdoor Concrete Pool

Commercial Pool of the Year

Residential Indoor Pools over

Sustainability Award

Silver Gold
2x Silver Barcelona 2015 Silver Inground Commercial SPAs and Health

Commercial Pool

Residential Indoor Pools £100,000 to under £150,000

European Domestic Indoor Pool of the Year

Luxury Indoor Swimming Pool

Silver 2003


Concrete Pool up to £60,000




Refurbishment of the Year

2009 Outdoor Concrete Pool

Silver Gold Gold
Indoor Swimming Pool

Residential Indoor Pool over £75,000 and up to £150,000

Indoor Concrete Pool


Gold Gold & Silver Gold
Spas & Health Pools

Residential Indoor Pool over £150,000

Automatic Retractable Cover

Commercial Pool