Bespoke Swimming Pool Ceramics

Craig Bragdy Design is a highly specialised and  innovative company producing the world’s most exciting and spectacular handmade ceramics for luxury swimming pools, murals and interior panels.
Over the last 40 years, Craig Bragdy has become one of the world’s leading specialists in designing, producing and installing the most  spectacular ceramic art for luxury swimming pools and spas. They have moved swimming pools to a new level of achievement; works of art.

Central to the success of the company is a team of 80 designers, mural makers, installers and administrators who between them have developed the extraordinary range of skills and abilities needed to produce work of such diversity and quality.

In the world of Craig Bragdy ceramics there is virtually no limit to the possibilities. Each pool is individually designed, inspired by clients’ suggestions or architects’ instructions.
At the design studio a team of skilled artists will transfer a design onto a rolled out sheet of clay. This is then carved by hand until the shape and detail is perfect. The decorated mural is then cut into pieces; the shapes and the cuts form an integral part of the design.

The next stage is the application of colour, chosen form a vast range of slips, glazes and oxides. This process, by its nature, ensures no two pools are the same.
Remarkable is the collective ability of the company’s designers, mural makers and installers to transform a client’s unformed ideas into spectacular, stunning works of art.
Combine Craig Bragdy’s ceramic artwork with the technical expertise of Portrait Pools and you have the possibility a truly unique and ‘one off’ swimming pool design.