Fitness Pools

The Fast Lane System

endless pools fast lane Heavenly SpaA feature that we can add to your swimming pool, whether new or existing, to produce a smooth, quiet, powerful current. Providing all the benefits of swimming; cardiovascular fitness, low impact workouts, joint & muscle strength in your own home. It’s also perfect for aqua aerobics, hydrotherapy and water jogging/running. Fully adjustable for swimmers of all abilities and operated by an ON/OFF switch, the Fast Lane system is easy to install and whether it’s used for fitness or fun adds a whole new dimension to your pool.


Swim Spas

Aquatic exercise pool hydrotherapy seats in poolA swimming pool and spa all-in-one. A pool with current system already in place, combined with a luxury spa pool with hydrotherapy jet seats and underwater treadmill, all in one unit. Great for those who enjoy aquatic exercise then a relaxing massage. Swim Spas are ideal for providing year round exercise with the added relaxation benefit of a hot tub.


Counter Current System

Counter Current systemSimilar to the Fast Lane Systems we provide, but designed using the latest computer simulation technology  with a slim line appearance. These have been designed to deliver a flat current directly under the water surface where the athlete needs the most resistance during training, on their chest and shoulders. Unlike the Fast Lane Systems we provide, the Counter Current System features no air entrainment to minimise any water turbulence on the surface. Also, to ensure an optimal swimming channel, there are safety water intake covers positioned across the pool from the products faceplate.