Looking For Swimming Pool Companies, Builders And Installers In Watlington

Wanting A Pool Contractor In Watlington, Oxfordshire?

The National Pool Contractor of the Year 2013, as awarded by SPATA, (Swimming Pools and Allied Trades Association), Portrait Pools have over 20 years experience in the UK, and will help you to design, build and enjoy your pool acquisition.  You will be proud of your latest asset to your home or business, knowing that your design image of a pool is now in reality!   The other residents of Watlington will be in envy of you, and your unique design choice, which can be anything you wish to fit in with the beauty of the Chiltern Hills near to the town.

Indoor Pools

Your indoor pool can be built in any property, from Stately Homes to Barn Conversions, or in a Pool House, and in many locations from cellars to rooftops.  Using materials that are sourced from all around the world, we will work closely with you on your pool design and construction.  Roll On Roll Off floors will give you the opportunity to raise them fully and have an extra entertainment or play space for your family to take advantage of.

Movable Floors

One of our unique specialities at Portrait Pools is our movable floors that are operated by an automatic switch.  If you have inexperienced swimmers, or family members with special needs, you will find the floors a valuable asset, as they can be raised or lowered to suit the user.  When the floor is completely raised and the pool covered, it will help to reduce your energy bills!

Bespoke Swimming Pool Ceramics

Our designer choice, Craig Bragdy, has been designing interior panels and murals for luxury swimming pools for over 40 years.  This will guarantee that your pool is unique, and have an elegant and spectacular finish that turns your pool into a piece of art.  Our designers and architects will work with you all the way through to create the pool of your dreams.

Spa Pools

There is nothing better after a hard day at work, than coming home and relaxing in one of our Teuco Spa Pools.  With 32 powered jets, magnetic headrests and a choice of options for your massages, you will be more than pleased with your spa pool, placed on your balcony or patio area.  It seats up to seven people at a time, so you can share the experience with some of your friends or family.


Our Wellbeing Sauna package can be used for your home or in a commercial project you might have.  You will choose the finishing touches from rustic to modern themes for your Sauna, Steam Room or Special Treatment Room, that will bring you relaxation techniques to any setting, that will impress your friends in Watlington.

Garden/Outdoor Pools

The design of your outdoor pool can include decorative fountains and underwater lighting to enhance the state of the art water treatments, energy-busting heat pumps and all year round pool covers that we use to create and build your pool.  To your own design, you will have endless fun and pleasure in your garden pool and enjoy showing it off to the neighbours in Watlington!

Commercial Pools

We offer you advice, and use our knowledge and experience on your designs for your commercial swimming pool project, in a school, college, holiday camp or leisure centre.  Working to SPATA standards, and using energy efficient air and water handling systems, we will create you a commercial pool from the concrete base, through to the finishing touches, which will make your new venture have every chance of success in Watlington!

If you fill in our form online, we will be happy to talk about your pool design ideas.